All of the courses offered in the Computer Science Department Northern Virginia Division are shown here. During any given semester only a selection of these courses will be offered.

Course Title
CS 4570 Wireless and Mobile Systems Design
CS 5024 Models and Analyses
CS 5034 Models of Computation
CS 5044 Object-Oriented Programming Java
CS 5104 Computability and Formal Languages
CS 5114 Theory of Algorithms
CS 5204 Operating Systems
CS 5214 Modeling and Analysis of Computer Systems
CS 5224 Systems Simulation
CS 5244 Internet Software
CS 5304 Translator Design and Construction
CS 5314 Programming Languages
CS 5465 Numerical Analysis
CS 5484 Finite Element Methods for Partial Differential Equations
CS 5515 Computer and Network Architecture
CS 5565 Network Architectures and Protocols
CS 5604 Information Storage and Retrieval
CS 5614 Database Management Systems
CS 5624 Introduction to Data Mining
CS 5704 Software Engineering
CS 5744 Software Design
CS 5804 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CS 5804 Computer and Network Security
CS 5984 SS: Software Project Management
CS 6204 Mobile Computing
CS 6204 Multimedia Systems
CS 6204 Sensor Networks
CS 6604 Advanced Concepts in Data and Information
CS 6604 Data Mining
CS 6704 Domain Engineering
CS 6804 Intelligent Agents

For more information on above courses refer to the CS graduate catalog.