The Computer Science (CS) Department at Virginia Tech's Northern Virginia Center provides opportunities for career advancement through its degree programs in Computer Science. The department offers convenient and flexible programs for working professionals with evening classes that meet once a week. Students have the flexibility of taking as few as one class or as many as four classes every semester. More than 500 students have earned their Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science since the program's inception in 1975.

To support its teaching and research agendas, the department maintains a variety of computing facilities, including well over 70 networked workstations for student and faculty use. These include Windows, Apple, Linux and Sun workstations. Graduate research students are supported in their daily and coursework activities by computing facilities which include 4 specialized labs to pursue research in Data Mining, Mobile Computing and Wireless Systems, Software Engineering, and Security.

The CS faculty at NVC teach most of their courses from the Northern Virginia Center in Falls Church, Virginia which has served the National Capital Region with world-class graduate programs and other university services for more than 35 years. Additional information about the Computer Science Department at Virginia Tech is available at the main campus CS department webpage.