Notice to International Students

It is the policy of the College of Engineering to limit admission to international students who have their own support or qualify for a limited number of assistantship opportunities available from this department. If you have your own support to cover tuition and expenses, please send the supporting paperwork with your application to expedite the review process.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must hold Bachelor's degrees from accredited institutions and present evidence of ability to do graduate work. Most applicants to the electrical and computer engineering master's programs hold (or expect) a B.S.(EE) or B.S.(CpE) degree. Students from other programs often lack background in certain areas, which may necessitate remedial work before admission to the graduate program.

The QCA(GPA) requirements for applicants are: at least 3.3 for admission to Master program and at least 3.5 for admission to PhD program. The verbal, quantitative, and analytical math sections of the GRE are also required of all applicants to the master's programs. Any student below basic levels of admission must justify admission by exhibiting other exceptional credentials. Provisional admission status is granted to some applicants.

More resources can be found at Graduate School, the Northern Virginia Campus Admission, or the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering web page.