NCR College of Engineering

Falls Church Campus Parking

Parking hang tags are available for a fee to faculty and staff that identify you as an affiliate of Virginia Tech and separate you from a Metro user. Students are issued a parking hangtag that identifies them as students and allows them into the West lot when it is closed to commuters. The student lot, located on the west side of the Center, is operated by Metro and is $3.75 per visit per day.

Students and visitors are allowed to park in the West Falls Church Metro lot when the other lots are full. However, parking in this lot requires the purchase and use of a SmartTrip card until 12 midnight. Please visit Metro's web site to buy a SmartTrip card online.

Parking is prohibited on Haycock Road, in the George Mason High School lots, in nearby residential areas, or in the commercial center parking lot. Unauthorized parking in any of these locations may result in your vehicle being towed at your expense. Please avoid this inconvenience by only parking in designated areas.