NCR College of Engineering

Areas of Research at National Capital Region College of Engneering

NCR COE research spans the fields of energy, environment, mining, transportation, telecommunications and systems engineering as well as computer and materials sciences. Current research projects include computer networks, distributed generation systems, systems performance measurement, wireless communications, mining operations simulations and automation, advanced materials for aircraft, renewable energy and critical infrastructure.

NCR COE brings together faculty, students, and visiting researchers from widely different domains, creating a multidisciplinary environment for the emergence of new ideas and collaborations on cross-cutting research initiatives. We challenge faculty and students to think "outside the box" and stretch their activities within broadly integrative themes.


Research Facilities

NCR College of Engineering researchers have full access to the laboratories and facilities at the main Campus in Blacksburg, Virginia as well as facilities and libraries in the Capital area. NCR College of Engineering is linked to the main Campus and beyond via the Network-Virginia System so that video conferencing and instruction over the Ethernet is possible.

Specific information about the research activities pursued in NCR College of Engineering are available at the NCR College of Engineering department pages.

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