NCR College of Engineering

Research Centers

NCR College of Engineering has several research centers that span departments and disciplines.

Advanced Research Institute
Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute (ARI)
ARI is designed to bring together faculty, students and visiting researchers from various fields to create a multidisciplinary environment for emergence of new ideas and collaborations on cross-cutting initiatives. The following departments and centers have faculty and students carrying out research from our facilities: Computer Science, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering,and Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Centers: Center for Energy and the Global Environment (CEAGE) and others

CEAGE Center for Energy and the Global Environment
CEAGE is a research and educational center that examines issues related to energy and energy’s role in the global environment. Its mission is to promote cooperation among diverse groups interested in sustainable energy development, and to act as a catalyst for developing solutions to environmental problems in many regions of the world.

DRR width= Disaster Risk Reduction Program at Virginia Tech (DRR)
This is a multi-disciplinary academic research and implementation center of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). DRR is a network for applied research, implementation and dissemination in the field of disaster risk management. It includes natural scientists, engineers, architects, urban planners, economists, sociologists and policy analysts. DRR takes a systems approach to disaster management including the identification of risks (hazard and vulnerability), reduction of risk through development of physical and operational mitigation measures and risk transfer through the mechanisms of insurance and relief policy.
CyCare Center for Cyber Assurance and Trust (CyCare)
The mission of CyCare is to advance the knowledge and practice of information assurance and trust through the integration of world-class research, highest quality education, strategic technology transfer and building partnerships. CyCare emphasizes local, national and international collaboration among academia, government and industry. .

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